Slowed Down, but not Shut Down

It was more than 200 years ago that Thomas Paine said, "these are the times that try men's souls". But his words have a haunting resonance for us today in these trying, unprecedented times as we work to shelter ourselves and our families, and navigate a business climate that has changed so quickly.

As in past periods of tragedy and uncertainty -- 9/11 comes to mind, as does the economic fallout of 2008 -- we as a community of independent auction owners are drawing close, to tackle its challenges together. Each of our auction owners and their families are handling their businesses the best way they responsibly can, depending on local restrictions and limitations. As independent owners, we have always put people first, and it is evident now more than ever that we love and are committed to the people who are so important to us: our co-workers, our employees, our vendors, our customers. We continue to honor the personal stake we have in our businesses, and are always mindful that we are dealing with real people, on whom our success depends.

Even as COVID-19 has resulted in the reduction of regular operations at many of our auctions and sent many of us home to shelter in place, we know that there continues to be a need among our customers for our services, particularly for storage and marshalling. We encourage our customers to let us know if you need us, and we will do our best to help you however we can. Our goal is to be up and running as quickly as possible when the time comes.

Although we're in a not-business-as-usual mode, ServNet auctions are still innovating and seeking solutions for our customers. While volumes sold at our auction locations are greatly diminished right now, our spirit of innovation continues. We appreciate more than ever the value of a live auction environment, but while that activity is on hold at present, we are yet moving ahead, looking to the future and working to execute for our customers on digital platforms at the highest level of excellence.

In spite of news reports, and shortages at the grocery stores, we ServNet owners remain optimistic for the future and the ongoing health of our industry. We are not shut down; rather, we are temporarily slowed down. That slow-down is a self-imposed one, designed to protect our employees and our customers. But we have not slowed down in our determination to serve our customers, and when we are ready to be up and running, it will be at full speed, with fuel in our tanks and horsepower in our engines. We stand ready to meet the demand, and to give you the excellent service you expect from every ServNet auction.

      Bruce Beam  
      President, ServNet Auctions  

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